【Satoshi Goto's profile】 written in 2014

  a cave explorer and cave photographer.

  In 1982 started caving , and in 1988 started taking a photograph of caves.
  Over 30 years from starting caving, number of days for caving are more than 1,000 days. (140 days or more per year at peak period)

  Visited 16 countries, total 32 times, and hosted a cave expedition.
  And,joined other overseas cave expeditions in Tanzania and China, participated in the International Cave Photographers Meetings and International Congress of Speleology.
  Published a technical book of SRT in 1991, and wrote about SRT in "Caving Introduction and Guide(Yamatokeikoku-sha)" published in 1995.
  In recent years, featured in various media, TV program, newspaper, etc. .

    * "SRT" stands for Single Rope Techniques. The technique, to go up and down vertically with a single rope, is used at caving, climbing, etc..
    * There is his photo in 2014 Caving Calendar by Speleo Projects.(introduced in link for details)