Principal three projects

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at "Kawachi-Fuuketsu"

at "Roukan-Dou"

at "fēng lín" region in China

Previous activities and projects

Speleo Alpine project 1000m's

date : spring in 2000 - Aug 10, 2003
object : caving activities implementation at more height difference 1,000m cave, in Japanese people only
cave : "GOUFFRE BERGER" Vercors-Isere France (depth : -1,271m, length : 22,400m)


date : Apr 2004 - Jan 24, 2005
outline : getting in the international expeditionary research made by "Union International Speleology" in Tanzania
object : implementation of exploration and survey of the caves in Tanzania with local cave explorers,
            and supporting establishment the organization for speleology and cave exploration by them

participation in "CaveX"

date : Jul-Aug 2006
outline : "CaveX" is one of the expeditionary research project, organized by meinly Russian.
            It is primarily intended to exploration and survey of large-scale or large-depth caves.
object : exploration and survey of "Krubera Cave" (in Georgia / the world's deepest cave)

The Caving Journey in Iran

date : Feb-May 2007
object : exploration of "3N Cave"(in Qeshm / the world's longest salt cave)

Mongol-Japan-Korea surveillance of Mongol caves

date : Aug 30-Sep 10, 2008
object : survey of Mongol caves which are not really investigated,
            at the offer from "The Institute of Geography of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences" member
cave:Urkhut, Khaichlag    

Korean pickle project

date : 2006 & Jun 2010
outline : large-scale expedition between Korea and Japan
cave : Akiyoshi-Dou, etc(in Japan), lóng tán kū(in Korea)

participation in "International Congress of Speleology"

date : Jul 2001(14th / in Brazil)
         Aug 2005(15th / in Greece)
         Jul 2009(16th / in USA)

"Pichi-Pichi" peach    

date : 2001-2002
outline : girls' activites for training intended to mainly rigging in vertical caves
cave : Okubo-No-Fuuketsu, Takaishi-Dou, Kumaishi-Dou     

south Arupusu area caves searching project

date : 2003-2004
outline : searching undiscovered caves
area : Kamiina-Gun & Shimoina-Gun, Nagano Pref, Japan