How to use Guest Board

If you don't understand these articles clearly, please do not hesitate to ask to a webmaster. You can also write the matter what you ask on the Guest Board.

Carriage Return
When you register your message, it appears on the Guest Board automatically with browser width. Carriage return is needed when a paragraph change.

font tag
You can use<font>tag on your message. Always excepting "face" attribute. If a user who doesn't have the font you requested, that font will be broken on user's monitor except IE4.x and NN4.x.

Link tag(1)
When you put a link on a certain word, do not use <a href>tag. You just write URL, that's all.
Linked icon will appear automatically when you register your message on the Guest Board. (*Do not forget to put space between URL and next word.)     Check the news of Japan Speleo Page (how to write)

   Check the news of Japan Speleo Page                        (On the Guest Board)

Link tag(2)
When you put a link on your e-mail address as above, do not use <a href>tag. You just write e-mail address, that's all.
Linked under bar will appear automatically when you register your message on the Guest Board.            (how to write)            (On the Guest Board)

When you push a "Rewrite" button, all the words are deleted without name and email address.

Reload and Refresh
If you check new messages, push "Refresh" button of the Guest Board. If you push "Reload" button on a menu bar of your browser, Your message will appear twice on the Guest Board.

Messages and Comments
When you have a comment to someone's message, push "Comment" button on the right side of the title. Comment page will appear automatically. Then your comment will appear under the message with an arrow icon ( ) when you send it.

[Attention]  Please care for an old message. If you comment to someone's message old enough, users won't be able to find your comment. In that case, you had better send your comment as a new message.

How to find messages over 20
The Guest Board can not keep the messages over twenty in one page. If you want to see more messages, push "Next Page -->" button ( it appears a bottom of page automatically.)
Messages can totally keep one hundred without comment. Rest of the old messages move to our log directory.

Different browser, different layout
This Guest Board appears on your browser in correct size with Netscape Navigator (Ver.1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x) and Internet Explorer (Ver.2.x, 3.x, 4.x). However, if you find something bad, please contact to webmaster. (Checked our Guest Board on Windows NT4.0, Windows 95 and PowerMac OS 8.1)

Your browser without image
If you use your browser without images, you can't see titles of each box of message window. Each item is "Title", "Name", "E-mail address" and "Message" from top to bottom.