Why join the Tokyo Speleo Club

Outline Tokyo Speleo Club always always looks for a new member. As for the member, men and women of all ages, an experience don't influence it. A member is good if it is the person interested in caves and caving. Therefore, anyone can join it from the beginner to the expert. Though there are some problems of the language, the person who loves a cave doesn't have a problem, and it can be active caving.
Join qualification In principle, over 20 years old. If you are under 20 years old, parents' agreement is necessary.
It is that you love a cave to be the most important.
A member's privilege You receive a meeting journal and so on.
You can participate in the plan of the club.
You can state an opinion about the plan of the club, the management.
You can use the materials which a club has, equipment, a clubhouse, and so on.
A member's duty You must pay membership fee.
You must attend a monthly meeting.
You must join insurance at the time of the activities. We can introduce insurance.
Membership fee per month (1) General member : 1,500yen
(2) Student member : 1,000yen
(3) Family member : @500yen (A family member is decided to be limited to the relative who lives with the general member.)
(4) Supporting member : 1,000yen
How to join it You are after the contact to us by E-mail and so on, participate in the monthly meeting held in Shinjuku.
You can participate in the meeting of every month as to the thing that you wants to know detailed contents.

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