Activity Date Plan Name Members Sponsorship organization or project(those without written are the Tokyo Speleo club) Activities summary
12/28-1/4 Okinoerabu Island Cave investigation Noike,Yamada, others Join to Okinoerabu Island cave investigation team Okinoerabu, Kagoshima pref.
12/28-1/2 Akiyoshi-dai Caving Goto,Matsuzawa,Others Join to Akiyoshidai cave investigation team Akiyoshidai,Yamaguchi pref.
12/30-1/3 Cave investigate of Ryusen-do Chiba,Minato,Koike,Miyazaki,others cave investigation Ryusen-do, Iwaizumi,Iwate pref

Activities plan

Activity Date Plan Name Members Activity style Activity area & details
from March to April China Cave expedition Goto,Yamanishi Join to French China Cave expeditio team China
April or later Soth Alps,Nagano pref. Search of new caves finding new cave in South Alps

The plan that Tokyo Speleo Club member participates in the plan that other groups do it is contained in this table in addition to the plan of Tokyo Speleo Club.
Members is the activities participation number. When there is a parenthesis, it is the number of Tokyo speleo club.
It may not be carried out because it is a schedule and plan. Make contact with the person interested in the activities.